Blue, 2-Year Old Male Pit Bull Needs Help NOW!

16 September, 2012 0 Comments
STATUS UPDATE AS OF 9/17 – RESCUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
***ATTENTION: BLUE (ID# 0945136) is on TONIGHT’S euthanasia list and will be put down TOMORROW MORNING if not adopted**** Described as “LOW-KEY”, “GIVES FULL BODY HUGS” and “LOVES MAKING NEW FRIENDS”, BLUE is said to be an extraordinary boy!  Volunteers have heard him crying in his kennel, and with good reason; this evening he finds himself on the euthanasia list through no fault of his own. BLUE needs his hero to step up for him NOW….his life depends upon it. Note that handsome BLUE has kennel cough, which typically clears up within 7-10 days with antibiotics. PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTING BLUE!! He is out of time and is counting on us. PLEASE SHARE! Thank you! ADOPTION INFO BELOW:

Blue Needs You! Please post & share!!!

TO ADOPT, please go to: You will need to “reserve” this dog, which you should ONLY do if you are SERIOUSLY PLANNING TO ADOPT (you must get to the shelter within 24-48 hours). If you’d like specific adoption instructions, please click here to view our note:

Located at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NYC.

If you would like to foster this dog, or would like to adopt but cannot make it to the shelter directly, please contact rescue groups for assistance: STATUS: AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION (instructions provided at bottom of post) from the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NYC

Meet BLUE!!
ID# 0945136
2 years old

54 lbs
Entered the shelter as a strayA volunteer writes: Handsome Blue starting wagging his tail as soon as he saw me approach. His eyes looked up imploring me to take him out next. There is no resisting this face so out we went. Blue was all wiggle butt as we waited for the elevator, letting me know how excited he was to meet me and make new friends. He ‘went’ as soon as we were out the door so is likely housetrained. Blue walks nicely on the leash checking up with me as we walk. His coat is a beautiful gray with white accents and gray polka dots in the white. Handsome boy!! Blue posed for his photos like a pro making wonderful soft eye contact. As I whistle he tilts his head for better focus – love that concentration! Blue is a low key kind of a guy, only coming into my lap when invited and then nuzzling his head as close as he could. He lay quietly as I stroked him, paws curled up, head tight in my lap. He is soooo delicious. As we walk, and then stop to ‘talk’ some more, Blue gives me a full body hug, face smiling at me gently. Blue cries in his kennel; he needs a new family to love and take care of. He is easy to be with, gentle and sweet and will make a wonderful BFF. Please ask to meet him and give him that chance. Blue. He’s waiting.Formal behavior evaluation: “Experienced/No children: Blue pulls on the leash. He was sociable toward the handler during the assessment – soft body, waggling tail. Blue was calm and relaxed during handling. He was distracted, focused on objects in the room rather than the handler during the tag test. Blue ate faster, was stiff and very difficult to push out of the food bowl, but did not growl, snap or bite. He took the toy and rawhide away, body language was stiff. Blue rushed in quickly during the dog-dog test, but showed no aggression.”AVAILABLE FOR DIRECT ADOPTION at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NYC (326 E 110th Street, New York, NY 10029) (shelter website: information on HOW TO ADOPT please view our note:

If you would like to foster this dog, or would like to adopt but cannot make it to the shelter directly, please contact rescue groups for assistance: Contact as many rescue groups as you can until you (hopefully) find one that is willing to send you an application and, pending approval, “pull” this dog for you.

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