“Courageous Coco”, Female Sheppard Mix Needs Rescue/Foster, Weston FL

21 September, 2012 0 Comments

Coco is a 38 pound, female Sheppard mix rescue who has never found a home and has been living in a kennel/or crate for most of her life. A wonderful woman heard about her situation and offered to foster her and work with her to get over her shyness and get used to living in a home. Coco is doing better and better everyday, but she can’t stay at this home , she must find a permanent home of her own. Would you like to adopt “Courageous Coco”?  Call Julia 954 816 3590

The home needs to be patient and still work with her to overcome her shyness. Coco is around 4 to 5 years, she weights 38 pounds . When we got her she was very, very scared! She would cry all night and all she wanted was to be right next to you, as the time went by she got a little better. If anyone is the type who wants to bring another family member into the fold who needs a little help in figuring out about life in a home, Coco would love to come home with you. Coco is very sweet and great with other dogs. Call Julia 954 816 3590


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