Prada The Pit Bull Get’s A Bath

25 September, 2012 0 Comments

Before I got married, my typical Sunday’s were spent recovering from Saturday night dance sessions, cleaning the house, roasting peppers, grocery shopping…all that “fun stuff”. After I got married and bought a house, typical Sunday’s were spent by the pool, going to lunch, enjoying the day with my husband.

Fast forward to 2012, “year of the Prada”, and Sunday’s look a whole lot different. Sundays are now “dog day”. It’s all about Prada. I wake up way earlier then I ever have in my life to get a head start on the day. Typical day usually starts with a really long walk around the neighborhood. I usually walk her at least a mile a day. She’s a 70 pound puppy with a LOT of energy. After she’s “tired out” from the walk, we grab our beagle and head to the park with the dogs.

There is NOTHING that get’s our beagle more excited then the park. We live in this quaint little neighborhood where the squirrels come right up to you and take the peanuts from your hands. It’s crazy. Coincidentally, it drives the dogs NUTZ (no pun intended)! Penny (the beagle) will run all over the park trying to chase squirrels for hours. Prada will just chase Penny. After the park, it’s Prada’s favorite time of the week….bath time!

Prada is the second pit bull we’ve had in our family that goes ballistic over the hose. Trina, the pack leader of first pit bull to enter our lives, also attacks the hose with vengeance. I tried to capture some of the crazy faces Prada makes while getting her bath, here they are for your enjoyment:

My pit bull Prada during bath time. Watch how she attacks the hose!

Bath time! Prada all lathered up.

Pit Bull Get's A Bath | Funny Pit bull Photos

Ahhhhh! I LOVE WATER!!

Funny Dog Photos | Prada The Pit Bull Get's A Bath

Nom Nom Nom Water Water Water!

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