Dog Games For A Rainy Day

29 September, 2012 0 Comments
Dog Games For A Rainy Day | Hide The Treat | Tennis Ball Games

Prada in Tennis Ball Heaven!

South Florida weather can be extremely fickle. The weather Gods have been kind enough to bless us with beautiful weeks, and craptastic weekends. Every Thursday night, the rainfalls begin. Being an outdoor girl, that really puts a damper on my doggie time. When you can’t go for a walk, go to the park, or have a play date, what can you do with your dog? If your stuck inside, why not play some games with your dog? Playing games with your dogs will help keep them mentally stimulated. Ideally, you should pay games with your dogs daily…you certainly don’t want them just laying around all day. Laying around = Bordem. Bordem = Trouble!

Scouring the internet, I found a neat indoor activity you can do with your dog when it’s raining. Video included.

Hide The Treat:

This super simple game helps challenge your dog mind, keeping him/her stimulated, and rewards with a treat. You can easily perform this game with items laying around the house. What you’ll need:

  1. 5-6 Tennis balls
  2. 2-3 Treats
  3. A muffin pan
If you don’t have the muffin pan or tennis balls, another way to do this is by using simple plastic cups and treats. Here’s how you do it:

Dog Games For A Rainy Day | Hide The Treat | Tennis Ball Game

  1. Hide two or three treats under the tennis balls or cups
  2. Place the cups or muffin pan on the floor
  3. Watch Fido sniff around, trying to find where the treats are located
  4. Once your dog finds the treat location, the optimial idea is that they will lift the cup or tennis ball and eat the treat. If they sniff it out, you can also lift the tennis ball for them, at least they found it :)

Again, a simple, fun way to engage your dog and keep them stimulated while it’s raining outside. Here’s how my beagle & pit bull did on this video. After watching it a second time, I think the pit bull might be the smarter one. I’ll let you see why:

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