Sweet Bianca, Dalmatian Mix, Needs Foster/Rescue ASAP

9 October, 2012 0 Comments

This is sweet Bianca. Bianca is a Dalmation mix. She is about 2 1/2 years old, spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Adopt A Dog | Female, Dalmatian Mix Rescue Needed  If you can help please email Brenda at bgonzalez1986@hotmail.com

Bianca was found as a stray in January and was known to the shelter because she had been there 6 times previous. She was adopted only to be returned to the Miami-Dade Animal shelter (MDAS) for the SEVENTH time! The excuse? “She was an escape artist.” Which means she was living outside and not in a warm cozy bed inside in the AC. She was then pulled from the shelter only to go into boarding for about 7 months.

Finally, a family showed interest in Bianca and drove to pick her up. Bianca was great and got along with their 2 small poodles. After just one day they returned Bianca because the woman had allergies. So Bianca was abandoned once again. Just a few weeks ago Bianca was transported to North Carolina to the woman who had requested to have her pulled from MDAS originally for someone else and had been paying for her boarding fees. Bianca has been doing great with them and gets along great with their other female basset. (Picture attached). But they cannot keep her because they have committed to foster bassets from Carolina basset hound rescue and they are only allowed 2 dogs where they live.

Adopt A Dog | Dalmatian Mix Needs Rescue In South Florida  We have been unsuccessful in finding Bianca a forever home and the woman is contemplating taking her to the SPCA. Bianca is only about 2 1/2 years old and has lived a life of abandonment. She has lived outside in this Miami heat or in a cage. That is all she has known. This is her first time inside a home and sleeping in a soft bed in air conditioning, and now she will probably go back to a shelter environment. No matter how much better the SPCA is compared to MDAS and boarding, Bianca will still spend many hours alone and sleeping alone at night with no love and affection. I have been fighting for this girl since she was in MDAS. I’ve posted her on pet finder, rescue me, shared her through emails and on FB and nothing. This is my last plea before she is taken to the SPCA. PLEASE SHARE HER!!! SHE NEEDS A LOVING FOREVER HOME!!!! 

If you can help please email Brenda at bgonzalez1986@hotmail.com . Here are a few additional photos of Bianca:
Adopt A Dog | Dalmatian Rescue Mix Needs Home ASAP
Adopt A Dog | Dalmatian Rescue Mix Needs Home ASAP
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