“Lovely Lady” The Pit Bull Puppy Needs a Rescue in NYC

13 October, 2012 0 Comments

We found this on the Bruised Not Broken Facebook page. This little cutie needs our help, please SHARE and retweet. Let’s find Lady a home! AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION (instructions below) from the MANHATTAN ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL in NYC

  • Meet LADY!!
  • ID# 0948131
  • Female
  • 10 months old
  • 31 lbs
  • Entered the shelter as a stray
  • Showing signs of having kennel cough (which typically clears up within 7-10 days with antibiotics)

Pit Bull Puppy in NYC | Adopt A Pit Bull A volunteer writes: Lady is a little girl, a cute brindle with a shiny healthy looking coat. She is energetic and playful and everything a puppy is supposed to be. She appears to be housetrained ‘going’ as soon as we were out the door. She is loving and sweet, jumping in my lap for some cuddles and kisses. She is so tail waggingly happy that she has what we refer to as “happy tail”, meaning the tip of her tail is a little bruised from wagging against her kennel. Now that’s a happy girl! Her cute little ears, and the way her brindle markings are only over one eye gives the impression that she has an inside joke she wants to share with you and is winking as she tells it. Lady can be a little mouthy as puppies can be until trained not to be, so will probably be best in a home without young children. We know that Lady will learn fast as she already knows how to sit on command and knows there is a treat as a reward for being a good girl. Lady seems to like other dogs, tail wagging appropriately at those that passed us, clearly indicating a desire to play. Lady has wonderful energy, not hyper, just appropriate energy for her age and will thrive in a home with people who are ready to continue her puppy training, and give her lots of exercise and love. She is small and will fit into any living situation. She is ready to meet you today. Ask for her!

Formal behavior evaluation: “Average: Lady was calm and relaxed during handling. She was very playful during the tag portion. Lady was not interested in food or rawhide, but was easy to handle when chewing on toys. She was relaxed when approaching a friendly dog, but was not playful.”

AVAILABLE FOR DIRECT ADOPTION at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NYC (326 E 110th Street, New York, NY 10029) (shelter website: http://www.nycacc.org/).

For information on HOW TO ADOPT please view the note: http://on.fb.me/Q4x1VS

If you would like to foster this dog, or would like to adopt but cannot make it to the shelter directly, please contact rescue groups for assistance: http://tinyurl.com/9j3nufz . Contact as many rescue groups as you can until you (hopefully) find one that is willing to send you an application and, pending approval, “pull” this dog for you.

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