Titan The PitBull Saves Owners Life — Twice

14 June, 2013 0 Comments
It’s a growing secret society, the passionate pitbull owners club. Those of us who are lucky enough to own one know how special this breed is. Pitbulls are loyal, playful, cuddly, happy and will do anything to protect their owners…even save their life. Sometimes twice. 

Titan receiving the award from the Humane Society

Gloria and John Benton know first hand how perceptive, smart and fast acting this amazing breed can be. When leaving for work one morning, the Benton’s pitbull named Titan started blocking the door. His non-aggressive dog was acting totally out of character, running up and down the steps and blocking Mr. Bentons exit. In an interview conducted by Fox 5, John Benton told reporters “He was barking and growling and then ran down the steps and got between me and the door.” When Job followed Titan up the stairs to deciper why he was acting so strange, he discovered his wife on the bathroom floor, bleeding. She told reporters, “I had a hole in my head and I told John ‘I think I’d better go to the emergency room. “. Mr Benton stated “The doctors said that if it had not been for this dog, if he had let me leave that house she would have either bled to death or the aneurysm would have killed her,” he told FOX 5. Thankfully Gloria was OK and it was all thanks to her beloved pitbull Titan. 

Flash forward a year later, and Titan becomes a hero once again. Gloria fell and broke her hip and another bone at 4:30 in the morning. Titan came to the rescue and woke up Mr. Benton in time to bring her to the hospital again. The irony of the story – Gloria didn’t even want the dog. She’s quoted in the video interview saying “and to think I was so mad when he brought him home”. 

Titans heroic acts did not go unnoticed. On July 24th, 2013, The Humane Society honored Titan by making him the second runner up in  the Humane Society’s National Dogs of Valor Award. Watch the video from Fox 5  here

As a avid, pitbull activist I see “happy tails” like this all the time. Unfortunately stories about hero pitbulls aren’t publicized the way stories about BAD OWNERS are. So I feel it’s my duty to continue to report these stories to the public with the hopes that one day the media will stop being so incredibly bias.
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