2013 Dog Treat Recalls

24 June, 2013 0 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I am so freaking sick of reading about dogs that have died from treats made in China. It’s obvious the FDA isn’t doing anything to shut these companies down..so it’s up to YOU as a responsible pet owner to take matters into your own hands. Read your labels people…don’t ever buy anything for your dogs that has been made in China. This applies to treats, food and toys! We all love to shop at Walmart and save money, but 90% of the pet supplies are manufactured in China and sent to the US from Walmart.

Some 500 dogs and nine cats may have died after eating chicken jerky pet treats made in China, according to updated complaints logged by federal veterinary health officials. A new tally of reports filed with the Food and Drug Administration shows the agency has received 2,674 reports of illness involving 3,243 dogs, including 501 deaths. The agency also has received reports of nine illnesses in cats, including one death, the FDA said.” ~ NBC NEWS


I’m not saying don’t feed your dogs treats, but would you buy pre-packaged foods for your child that could potentially kill them? NO, you wouldn’t. You’d make your own food, cook at home. I’m suggesting you do the same for your furry babies. Making your own dog treats is a lot easier than it sounds. Not only could it potentially save your dogs life, it’s a healthier alternative (no chemicals, nitrates or preservatives)…and in the long run it’s also cheaper! 

So now you know it’s easy, cost effective and can save your dogs life…so get to cooking!! Here are a few recipes and ideas for making your own dog treats:

Healthy Dog Treats (Milkbone Style)

- Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Dog Treats

Prefer not to bake? You can still make homemade treats for your pooch, all you need is a $40 dehydrator and raw meat. I bought the Ronco from Target and it works just as good as the $200 versions. In the mean time, PLEASE look through your cabinets and discard any of the following dog food or treats that have been recalled in 2013. 


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