50 Super Hero PitBull Stories

4 July, 2013 0 Comments
Super Hero PitBull | Fight BSL With Positive Pitbull Stories

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In addition to the standard dog ownership responsibilities, we as Pitbull owners have an additional responsibility to be a breed advocates, fighting stereotypes and promoting awareness. It’s not easy when we live in a society that believes , supports and publicizes media stereotypes; we are always faced with strong adversity when supporting the breed. It’s easy to give up hope when the situation seems impossible…….everywhere you turn there is another BSL (breed specific legislation) law popping up due to ignorance and lack of understanding and knowledge.I truly believe we can change perception and open hearts and minds when we promote positivity. I saw how powerful positivity and awareness can be first hand when watching the recent BSL case in Broward (Barbara Sharief vs. Miami residents). The outpour of breed advocates who came armed with FACTS, STATISTICS and TRUTH were able to overturn the request to ban pitbulls in Broward County. The Broward County representative was trying to enforce this ban based on hearsay, and we all came together and won with education.

Part of being an advocate includes showcasing stories of pitbulls that the media doesn’t typically publicize. We all know as pitbull lovers how loyal the breed is. There are literally hundreds of stories of pitbulls saving human lives …yet the  media clings to the one story about a dog who happens to resemble a pitbull attacking someone.  I created Many Happy Tails to help showcase these stories that paint the pitbull in their true light – a strong, loyal, dedicated and affectionate dog that deserves a change at a long and happy life. By promoting these stories hopefully we all can help change perceptions and convince people to give shelter pitbulls a chance, vs. overlooking them due to breed stereotypes.

Please use this list of 50 Super Hero Pitbull Stories as an education and awareness tool for those who support BSL.

  1. Pit Bull Ruger Protects Valpo Family From Home Invasion
  2. Pit Bull Saves Owner From Gas Leak
  3. Pitt Bull Saves Neighbor From Fire
  4. Pit Bull Ming from Albany, NY Credited With Saving Building Occupants From Fire
  5. Pit Bull Takes Bullet Instead Of Owner And Runs Off Burgular
  6. Rescued NJ Pit Bull Saves Owners Life
  7. Pit Bull Leads Good Samarian To Unconcious Owner That Needed Help
  8. Pit Bull Pulls Unconscious Owner From Trains Path
  9. Pit Bull Defending Owners Shot and Killed by Robbers
  10. Pit Bull And 12 Year Old Girl help Save Unconscious Drowning Stray
  11. Pit Bull Defends Pregnant Guardian From Attacker
  12. Pit Bull Service Dog Saves Owner From Seizures
  13. Pitbull Saves Child From Disappearing
  14. Pittsburgh pit bull saves owner in horrible fire
  15. Family Pit Bull Helps Cops Catch Thief
  16. Pit Bull Defends Home Against Bear
  17. Pit Bull Saves Woman With Brain Aneuryism
  18. Pit Bull Fends Off Woman’s Attackers
  19. Pit Bull Saves Elderly Woman
  20. Pit Bull Pulls Owner From Car Wreck
  21. Pit Bull Saves Owner From Being Raped
  22. Pit Bull Saves Owner From Fire
  23. Pit Bull Gives Life To Save Owners
  24. Pit Bull and Rottie Save Toddler From Drowning
  25. Pit Bull Hero In Home Invasion
  26. Pit Bull Stops Home Invasion
  27. Pit Bull Takes Bullet For Owner
  28. Pit Bull Hero In Robbery
  29. Pit Bull Saves Child From Robber
  30. Pit Bull Saves Child From Fox
  31. Pit Bull Saves Other Dog
  32. Pit Bull Drags Woman To Safety
  33. Pit Bull Saves Family
  34. Pit Bull Saves Tiny Kitten From Death
  35. Pit Bulls Save Family From Fire
  36. Pit Bull Saves Lives By Sniffing Out Danger
  37. Pit Bull Saves Two Women From Cobra, Dies With Tail Wagging
  38. Pit Bull Saves Woman and Child From Attackers
  39. Pit Bull Stands By Owner in Tanker Crash
  40. Pit Bull Alerts Family to House Fire
  41. Pit Bull Saves Foster Family From House Fire
  42. Pit Bull Honored Hero of Cocke County Sheriff’s Department
  43. Pit Bull Gives Own Life to Save Owner From Fire
  44. Pit Bull Takes Bullets to Save Owner
  45. Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman and Child From Attacker
  46. Pit Bull Saves Owner From Attacker – Named Hero Dog of the Year
  47. Pit Bull Saves Baby Bunnies
  48. Diamond the Pit Bull Named spcaLA’s Hero Dog of the Year
  49. Pit Bulls Save Chihuahua From Coyote Attack
  50. Pit Bull Saves 9 Year Old Boy From Abduction
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