Obama Fights Against BSL – Pitbulls Everywhere Cheer!

19 February, 2014 0 Comments

We all have our opinions about President Obama, and while I am NOT making this a political debate, I would like to applaud his movements on protecting pitbulls.

Obama loves pitbulls
Last week he signed the Farm Bill, which FINALLY made it a federal offense to attend a dog fight. Enforcing penalties for participants AND attendees will hopefully limit attendance and decrease the amount of dog fighting that has become rampant in lower income communities. As some of you may or may not know, pitbulls are often the choice dog used in fights because of their strength, stamina and loyalty. They are not “inherently dangerous” dogs…they are bred and trained to be this way by low life thugs looking to use them for monetary gain b/c they are too lazy to get a real job. And in some cases they have real jobs and are just sick individuals who get a high from watching animals suffer…i.e. that POS Michael Vick.In 2013 he declared BSL ineffective, and several states have since reformed their laws regarding pitbull ownership (yay!) These efforts will hopefully help change the perception and discriminatory views of these beautiful creatures, leading to increased adoption in shelters.Obama…Lisa Rae, Trina, Angel and Miss Prada all thank you! Now if he would just work on what’s best for the humans, that would be great.

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