Pit Bull Rescue Groups in Florida

6 January, 2015 0 Comments

My pit bull rescue, Prada.

As an obsessive breed advocate, I am often contacted when someone would like to adopt a pit bull. I would encourage anyone looking to adopt a pit bull to check a local shelter FIRST before scouring the internet looking for a “breeder”. Over 25% of shelter dogs are purebred! Most rescue dogs have been family pets that need to be re-homed due to owner negligence at no fault of their own. And when I say owner negligence I mean a lack of research, discipline, time, energy and attention on the OWNERS part. Owning a pit bull, or any dog for that matter, comes with huge responsibility on your part. If you can’t commit to a LIFETIME of proper nutrition, exercise and affection for your pet, don’t get one. If you are committed to those things and are ready to adopt the love of your life, I applaud you and wish you and your furever baby a lifetime of love and happiness. Unfortunately due to the disgusting tactics of backyard breeding, illegal dog fighting and the horrible misconception about the pit bull breeds, our shelters are over run with them. And due to the horrible misconceptions about them, they are usually the last to be adopted.Below is a list of local rescue groups in Florida that either specialize in the pit bull breed, or are considered breed friendly.

Florida Pit Bull Friendly Rescue Groups: 

  1. Pawsibilities Rescue Group – Port Orangee, FL
  2. Rugaz Rescue Inc.- New Port Richie, FL
  3. The Pit Bull Crew  – Naples, FL
  4. 1 Lucky Dog Rescue, Inc. - Miami, FL
  5. Pooches in Pines - Pembroke Pines, FL
  6. Second Chance Rescue – Bunnell, FL
  7. Luv-A-Bull All Breed Rescue – Miami, FL
  8. Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue – Miami, FL (South Florida and Palm Beach County)
  9. Pit Bull Ambassadors of Hillsborough County Animal Services – Tampa, FL
  10. Pit Bull Happenings Rescue - Port Richie, FL
  11. No Kill Miami Miami, FL
  12. Paws 2 Care Coalition – Hollywood, FL
  13. Pit Bulls in Miami Need Love Too – Miami, FL
  14. A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue – Royal Palm Beach, FL
  15. 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida – Miami, FL

Is your rescue group or shelter missing from this list? Contact me and I will have it added ASAP!

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