Pit Bull “Beautiful Buck” Needs Rescue ASAP. Share!

6 October, 2012 0 Comments

Won’t you take Buck home?

Hi friends – this is beautiful buck. He’s located in the Manhattan Animal Care & Control center. Adoption information can be found below, please read the full description.  Here’s the 411 on this beautiful baby:

  • Male, Pit Bull Terrier
  • 5 Years Old, 59 Pounds
  • Owner could not afford
  • Perfect walker
  • House trained
  • Calm and “Zen”
  • Take him home today!!
From the Bruised Not Broken Facebook page: *AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NYC* Here’s another photo of BUCK (ID# 0935704)! This boy is NEUTERED, 5 years old, 59 lbs and ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! A volunteer writes: “The most handsome boy was quietly laying in his kennel watching the activity pass by his door. He looked familiar and sure enough, this was ‘Burke’ (now Buck) adopted from us back in June and now returned as the owner could no longer afford a dog. Buck is an awesome dog, so quiet, such a gentleman. He is too thin and will benefit from some good nutrition. His eyes make wonderful soft contact and look deep into mine. I see sorrow and confusion there and hug him to tell him it will all get better. His leash manners are impeccable as he walks perfectly by my side. His tail wags easily as he takes treats from my hand. Buck is not an overly affectionate boy but is happy to be pet and loved and leans in for a better human connection. I loved this boy when I first met him and continue to love him now. He needs the safety and love of a forever home. He is so calm, almost zen, that I found myself relaxing while with him. To feel like that every day? Wow! Ask to meet Buck today.”
VIDEO FOOTAGE: http://tinyurl.com/9dfuz3d

ORIGINAL THREAD: http://tinyurl.com/9xpvws8

ADOPTION INFO: Since a formal behavior evaluation has not yet been done, this dog is UNAVAILABLE for DIRECT adoption from the shelter. This just means that you’ll need a rescue group to facilitate the foster arrangement or adoption on your behalf. Do NOT let this deter you! If interested in fostering or adopting, PLEASE BEGIN CONTACTING RESCUE GROUPS ASAP to see if they will assist you: http://www.bruisednotbroken.com/rescues.pdf

Contact as many rescue groups as possible until you (hopefully) find one that is willing to send you an application and, pending approval, “pull” the dog you’d like to foster or adopt.

Located at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NYC.

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