The Story Of Lilly “The Hero Pit Bull”

24 April, 2014 0 Comments

Quite often an animal will come into our lives and change us forever. Such is the case of Lilly the Hero Pit Bull and Christine Spain. Christine’s son David, a police officer, adopted the once shy and anxious Lilly from an animal shelter in 2009. David adopted the pit bull for his mother, who had battled with alcoholism her entire life. Lilly was a wonderful, sweet companion for Christine, and helped her balance her life and stay focused on her sobriety. Three years into her rescue, her true purpose came to light, and she saved Christine’s life in more than one way.

Lilly The Hero Pit Bull

Lilly and David. Photo credit:

Christine was walking home from a friends house with Lily, just after midnight. She felt woosy, passed out and laid on the ground unconscious. She fell right on railroad tracks in the path of an on-coming freight train. Lilly’s hero spirit wasted no time and immediately went to work. She pushed and pulled Christine with all her might — off the tracks and into safety. The train conductor watched as this loyal and heroic pit bull saved the life of her owner.

Lilly was severely injured. The train had completely “de-gloved” her right paw—its skin, muscle and connective tissue torn clear away. Her entire right leg was amputated. After extensive surgeries and donations from the masses, Lilly is now able to walk again and has become a pit bull celebrity!

“At a time when Pit Bulls are maligned and erroneously stereotyped as violent or unfriendly, Lilly’s bravery is testimony to the true nature of these amazing dogs. Far from being aggressive, unfriendly or indifferent, Lilly is a bona fide hero and an ambassador for Pit Bulls everywhere” – MSPCA–Angell.

To learn more about Lilly the Hero Pit Bull or to make a donation, visit her website here:

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