About ManyHappyTails.com


This is me with my rescue, Prada.

I have a passion for pit bulls! I love pit bulls more than most things in life. More than people, to be honest.  I adopted my first, Miss Trina, 13 years ago. She opened up a world I never knew existed. Prior to adopting Trina, I was neutral to dogs. I never had one, never really cared to, and had no idea that there was a serious controversy surrounding the pit bull terrier. To me, she was just a dog.  A beautiful, black baby with blue eyes and a vicarious spirit. Since adopting Trina 13 years ago, my family has taken in 4 beautiful, female pit bull terriers.

For a long time I’ve been looking for a side project, a “passion” so to speak. So, here it is. ManyHappyTails.com’s website content features education about the pit bull breed, promotes awareness and provides tips for dog owners. The Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/ManyHappyTails, focuses on rescue and adoption. If you also have a passion for pit bulls, you can help by sharing my content. Hitting the share button, sending a re-tweet or re-pinning a photo/description of the dogs will circulate their information to thousands of people in your network. Everyone’s giving up dogs, and everyone’s adopting dogs. Every life you save is really two, the one that’s placed in a foster or permanent adopters home, and the space that opens up at the shelter for the next one.

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